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Sprite/Midget 5-Speed Kit
Price List

NOTE: Rivergate now only offers the Deluxe Kit with the crankshaft seal. 80% of sales have been with the crankshaft seal. In addition, one half of those kits sold without the seal have been returned to have the seal added!

Deluxe Kit

Deluxe Five Speed Conversion Kit includes aluminum adapter machined from billet of aluminum with built-in rear crankshaft seal to help eliminate oil leaks, motor mount assembly, new clutch disc, bushing, fastener kit, a new driveshaft adapter yoke with new U-joint installed, throw out bearing, rear transmission seal, and even a clutch alignment tool.

Kit for 1275cc Engines Item Number 31104-6 $849.00
Kit for 1098cc Engines* Item Number 31105-6 $889.00
Kit for 948cc Engines** Item Number 31106-6 $899.00
*Need to know diameter of rear flange on crankshaft.  Some crankshafts have a flange that is too large for our seal plate.  We will deduct $30 if we can't supply a seal plate.
** We need the measurement from the back surface of the block to the back surface of the crankshaft flange where the flywheel bolts.

Rear Crankshaft Seal: Adapter plates sold since 5-1-97 can be returned to us to be re-machined and fitted for the seal kit.

Seal Kit for existing Kit Item Number 30408 $99.00

Machine Rivergate adapter plate to fit the bolt-on rear crankshaft seal available from several of the Spridget and Mini Vendors

Machine for "other" seal Item Number 32300 $60.00

7/8" Clutch Slave Cylinder and Hose Assembly. This optional item includes a 7/8" billet aluminum cylinder with a braided stainless steel-covered Teflon hose. The hose replaces the complete line from master cylinder to slave cylinder. It includes fittings to attach to the master cylinder. It is suitable for use with all the master cylinders furnished in Sprites and Midgets. Pedal effort with this cylinder is 36% less than with the 3/4" cylinder previously used. Pedal action has a gentler feel with the custom cylinder.

Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit � 7/8" Item Number 30447 $129.00 with conversion kit
Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit � 7/8" Item Number 30447-S $149.00 sold separately

 Rivergate can shorten and rethread your gearshift lever.

Rework Gearshift Lever Item Number 30420 $14.00

The instructions tell how to do this modification yourself. If you want us to do the modification, send the part with your order, or include the following core charge:

Datsun Gearshift Lever Item Number 30429 call for availability

We can obtain other Nissan parts for you if your Nissan dealer is not a convenient source. We also stock a few small parts, gearshift bushings, speedometer pinion gear, etc. Please e-mail or call if you cannot get your Nissan parts locally.


Transmission overhaul kit � includes all ball bearings, seals and all five synchronizer baulk rings � aftermarket.  Now contains the 3 Nissan Gearshift Lever Bushings, a new boot for the clutch release fork and six spread springs.

Transmission Overhaul Kit Item Number 60100 $229.00


Speedometer Adapter Kit  -- Includes 90 degree speedometer ratio adapter for transmission and custom made speedometer cable. Corrects reading and connects to original speedometer. (Optional Item. Information on adapting a Datsun cable is included in 5-speed kit instructions, but speedometer reading may differ from actual speed.)

If ordering we need: Tire Size _________________
Differential Ratio: __________:1
Rolling circumference of rear tires** ____________ inches

**To measure:
  1. Make a chalk mark on the side of tire at the exact bottom.
  2. Mark the pavement in line with this mark on the tire.
  3. Roll vehicle until tire turns one revolution and mark on tire is at bottom again.
  4. Mark pavement exactly in line with mark on tire
  5. Measure the distance between marks on pavement.
Speedometer Adapter Kit Item Number 30040 $219.00

Modify case and gearshift -- Includes modification of the transmission case, as described in the instructions. Includes drilling starter drive clearance hole, smoothing back ridge on bellhousing, cutting oil pump cover clearance, cutting for bottom bolt clearance and shortening and re-threading the gearshift lever. Prepares the transmission so that it is ready to install into the chassis.

Modify Case & Gearshift Item Number 30425 $45

To Overhaul a 210 Transmission sent to us:
This price is for the "F" transmissions as described on our "Transmission Required" page. Price does not include any needed parts except those in the overhaul kit - bearings, seals and synchronizer rings.

Labor   $300.00
Overhaul Kit   $229.00
Case & Gearshift Lever Modifications   $45.00
Total   $574.00
New Pivot Bolt (if required)   $6.62


Starter, Reduction Gear Drive Item Number 40001 $219.00


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