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MGB 5-Speed Kit
Comments from Kit Users

The weather here is terrible, so I have only had the MGB out once to test the new 5-speed. It is GREAT! dropped almost 1200 rpm at 70-75 mph.

The guys at English Motors were very impressed with your kit and said it is probably the best one they have seen. They especially liked the fact that everything fit without any mods.

Thanks, you can use me as a reference any time!

Sue Snyder

Just wanted to thank everyone at Rivergate for your conversion kit. We took part in the 52nd Annual Glenwood Springs Rallye (from Denver to Glenwood Springs, Colorado: http://www.mgcc.org/rmc.htm), and the 5-speed transmission helped make the Tour and Rallye a real pleasure to drive. I would recommend your conversion kit to anyone with an MGB.

Thanks again!
Scott Thompson
Colorado Springs, CO

I recently purchased a MGB 5-Speed Conversion Kit and transmission from you and I want you to know how impressed I am with your service and product. The Kit is perfectly organized and labeled. Every part needed is included and the instructions are 1st rate. The installation was a very good experience and my 1966 MGB now cruises at highway speeds with little effort. It's refreshing to get this kind of product and service. GREAT JOB!

Frank Jones

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