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Sprite/Midget 5-Speed Kit
Transmission Required

A Datsun 5-speed transmission from August 1979 to 1982 Datsun 210. This can be from a coupe, sedan or wagon.

The input and output shafts should be 20mm (about 25/32") diameter and 18 spline.

The serial number on top of the bellhousing should begin with the letter "F" (FL, FA, FX etc. OK). The number "60" is cast into the right side of the main case.  These transmissions come from the Datsun 210, but the model number for these cars, imbedded in the Serial Number, is B310. The model number for the transmission, FS5W60A, is sometimes found on the Serial Number plate on the firewall. This is not found on the transmission.

Datsun gearshift lever, throwout bearing carrier, and release forkWhen you buy the transmission you need to get the gearshift lever, throwout bearing carrier and clutch release fork.

We use the following method to find transmissions locally. We search the Yellow Pages directories on the internet. Example: go to www.superpages.com.  Click "Search by Distance". Enter the distance you are willing to go to get a transmission. Be generous on the distance. Search "Auto Parts Used". Chose the option of "Automobile Parts and Supplies Used and Rebuilt Wholesale" Or you can chose the same with "Retail", but "Wholesale" seems to get more results.

Phone those listed with an inquiry. If they don't have it, ask if they know of any small yards in their area that do have parts for older vehicles. You are more likely to find the transmission in these older, smaller yards, many of which are not listed in the yellow pages. The 210 transmission is now too old and cheap for the high-overhead yards to keep.

If a yard says they don't have this transmission, or don't know if they have it, ask if they have a pile of removed transmissions somewhere. If so, go take a look and take a print of this description page with you. I find lots of yards that have a big pile of transmissions in a school bus body, van body or such. The yards generally have forgotten what these transmissions fit, so they can't sell them. If you find the correct unit there, using pictures and descriptions from this page, you may get it very cheap. I prefer to find the units we are planning on overhauling anyway like this as it avoids the delay of time to remove the unit. from the car. But you don't have any way of knowing the mileage on the transmission. To spot the correct 210 transmission in these piles, just concentrate your search to the smaller units. This narrows the visual search a lot.

Datsun Transmission
Datsun Transmission

An alternate transmission is from the Datsun 210 before August 1979. It has a horizontal drain plug, rather than the vertical drain plug. (See photos below) It requires a more complex rear mount to allow removal of the horizontal plug. Add $50.00 to the standard kit price for the special mount.

Most of the Datsun 210 (B310, New Sunny, etc.) sold outside the U.S. had the transmission with the horizontal drain plug. These will work with our kit with the special rear mount.

In New Zealand, Australia and many other countries this horizontal drain plug transmission was fitted with a mechanical clutch release entering at the top right of the bellhousing. These can be modified to be used with the hydraulic clutch release on a Sprite or Midget. A hole will need to be cut for a release lever where the casting protrusion is on the bottom left of the bellhousing. Holes will have to be drilled and tapped for attaching the clutch release slave cylinder in the boss of the bellhousing.


If you have trouble locating a transmission locally, here are some sources used by our customers:

In United Kingdom (and Europe) 
"1st Choice".
Can use the online locating service, but availability is broader if you call. National locater service for over 1000 salvage yards
Brian Marshall
Phone: 510-706-0169
email: bugeyev8@comcast.net
Eugene Gonzales 
12458 Cuesta Dr. 
Cerritos, Ca. 90703 
Phone: (562)802-1756 
Cell:     (562)760-9708 
email: gonz123@earthlink.net 
Curtis Hunter
Northern California
email:  amycurt@sbcglobal.net 
David Reese
Phone: 310-370-3080
EBay frequently has listings for the Datsun 210 Transmission used with the Rivergate kit. Most of the sellers are Spridget owners who have used the kit and found extra transmissions. Go to EBay Motors. In the "Basic Search" area, type in "Datsun 5 speed transmission" and check the "in titles and descriptions". Then click search.

If you find several transmissions locally when looking for your transmission, let us know. We would be glad to list you as a source for those having trouble finding a transmission in their area. Some kit users have paid for their kit (and more) with profits from selling transmissions to others.

In the United Kingdom, the correct transmission is available in the Datsun New Sunny, 1979-1982 year model, 1171cc engine, Coupe or Hatchback. The type number, on the serial number plate will be "B310".

In Europe, we understand the correct transmission is available in the Nissan/Datsun Sunny HF Coupe (Y140).

We would appreciate information from enthusiasts in other countries about which Datsun models used this transmission.

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Datsun Transmission

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