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Sprite/Midget 5-Speed Kit
Anatomy of a Conversion


Parts Side One


Parts Side Two

(9. Starter Hole Cover not need with current kit)

  1. Adapter Plate: Machined from 6061 Aluminum billet. All tapped holes have helicoil inserts. Attractive and precision. Replaces original steel plate. The plate includes a rear crankshaft seal integrated into the design.
  2. Clutch Slave Cylinder and Hose: You may use the original slave cylinder presently on your Spridget or the billet aluminum cylinder with stainless steel braid covered Teflon hose we offer.

  3. Inside:  New clutch disc that works with stock pressure plate.  No mods to flywheel.  New pilot bushing included.
  4. Transmission: Five speed overdrive, all synchronized.   From 1979-82 Datsun 210.  Buy locally or from sources listed here.   Expect to pay around $200.00 -- maybe less.
  5. Gearshift Lever:  Shorten it to match length of stock lever.  Will use either 5 speed knob or stock Spridget knob.
  6. Driveshaft Yoke: Installation of yoke and U-joint adapts driveshaft without any cutting or modification.
  7. Speedometer Angle Ratio Adapter:  Part of Angle Ratio Adapter and Speedometer cable kit.  Custom geared to match the rear end ratio and tire circumference on your car.   Corrects speedometer reading and makes cable installtion easier and more reliable.   Optional item.
  8. Transmission Mount Assembly:  Bolts in like stock unit, with bolts up through the crossmember.  Utilizes six durometer 40 pads.
  9. Starter Clearance Hole Cover:  An optional item, primarily for appearance.  Only needed for kits purchased before September 2000.


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